Counseling and Evaluations

We offer a range of services to help you achieve the results you’re after. Our qualified team provides a variety of therapeutic services including drug and alcohol counseling, marriage and family therapy, EMDR treatment for PTSD and CPTSD, DOT SAP evaluations, and treatment for mental health disorders.

Mental Health & Substance Use Counseling

All Harmony counselors are trained to provide professional mental health and/or substance use assessments. We offer outpatient treatment for individuals, couples, families, for those struggling with anxiety, depression, substance use disorders, or other mental health disorders. Additionally we offer periodic classes, workshops, and speaking engagements to the community.

DOT Qualified Substance Abuse Professional Services

Brad Shay, LIMHP, LADC is a Department Of Transportation Qualified Substance Abuse Professional (DOT/SAP). In compliance with DOT 49 CFR Part 40 Regulations, we provide evaluation and compliance services, including: initial substance use evaluation, contact with Direct Employer Representative (DER), Medical Review Officer (MRO), treatment providers, and follow up evaluations.

EMDR & Trauma Informed Treatment Services

Harmony offers treatment for trauma in the forms of EMDR, trauma informed CBT, and Trauma Sensitive Yoga. Our trauma therapists are: Rhiannon Woodruff, LIMHP, Vanessa Suarez, LADC, PLMHP, and Lauren Phillips, PLMHP, CYT. For more information about EMDR (Vanessa and Rhiannon) or Trauma Sensitive Yoga classes (Lauren), contact us at 402-413-9147.

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